A typical winter day at the Funny Farm and Coo Coo Nest
The videos are still out of date until I can get the software working on the new server.
I hope to have it fixed in the next two weeks.

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 Camp Cam Videos

Time lapse video from today

Last Two Days

Video from yesterday morning to today

This Week

Video from the last seven days*

 Road Condition Videos

County Route 93 conditions today

Last Two Days

CR 93 over the last couple of days

This Week

CR 93 over the last seven days*

 Other Videos
Flat Rock Inn (2 Days)

Traffic and parking (maybe, see notes*)

Northern Chateau (2 Days)

Snow depth over the last two days

Northern Chateau (7 Days)

Snow depth over the last week*

(*) NOTES: The week long videos are about 25MB, so be patient while they are downloading. Most browsers display a spinning progress image, but some may appear blank/white while the video downloads. Nighttime has been artificially shortened (because it was pretty boring).

The Funny Farm cameras have a little bit of interference (which we are working on) that is most pronounced in the night scenes. Between the interference and IR reflection of the snowflakes, it can appear to be snowing much harder at night than it actually is.

The video for The Flat Rock Inn has been adjusted for the new camera, but it is still off line a lot (due to a 10-user limit) so the video may have strange gaps or be missing entirely. There is no video prior to January 13th.

The daily (today) videos are updated evey 30 minutes, the two-day videos are updated every 2 hours, the week-long videos are updated every afternoon.